The Pre-Season; Community Shield, The welcome of a new season

Now now, as we have had such a cool and calm time after the World Cup in Russia, we are shortly approaching another soccer fiesta of the 2018-2019 season meant to knock us out of our feet! Is that a bad thing to say? Hmm, you tell me.

With the transfer market still running riots, new faces from different nationalities having their dreams come true as they join the teams that have gladly beckoned on them. Football fanatics all over the world cordially showing gratitude during the pre-season fixtures has also not been so surprising, since as we all know; Soccer Is A Big Deal.

The Pre-Season

At first the pre-season started off in a bit of a dilly dally mode until teams such as Arsenal, Liverpool from England had their team chemistry in check despite the fact that lots of their players being newbies in the gunners and Liverpool attires. The gunners are already done with the pre-season warm-up ahead of a tough fixture at home against league holders- Manchester City.


Now speaking of Manchester City, such class in their way of play as the recently concluded match against Chelsea has ended in a victory to start off a new season with a 2-0 win against Chelsea. A brace from their main lethal striker- Sergio Aguero in the 13th and later doubling 58th minute sa them off to a good start of the season.

Pep’s side is committed to win a back-to-back league title with the manager taking up the challenge of no club ever winning the title consecutively in the past decade or so. With such prowess and promising talent witnessed during the pre-season, all we can do is wait, right?

Am I the only one really eagerly waiting for the start of the season? Till tomorrow lads!


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