Paul Pogba Future; Kepa, Kovacic Jack Grealish to London; As time ticks down to the first league opener

Ever wondered why they are called busy bees? The little buddies are such an industrious swarm. All having a particular gift to contribute to survival of the whole family. Thus survival of the fittest  as we all know, right?

Same happenings across the football summer transfer window which may be closing in the next 15 hours. So straight to it; and really great transfers have been seen during this period.  The premier league team has never been better than this with teams almost uncertain to distinguish due to prowess.

Many in, many out sold, loaned or free agents. A big spending summer it has been for clubs such as Liverpool to acquire talent and lay down a masterclass plan to outsmart all their opponents. Furthermore, were they not in the champions league finals just the other day? This spending is for sure, impeccable with what is at stake and what they could achieve even better.

Meanwhile, Paul Pogba has placed his talent on the market trying to push through an exit from Old Trafford. Jose Mourinho has been a restless man all through the summer and we wouldn’t blame his relentless ponder for much more, much better for the richest club in the world, now would we? With a few hours left to the transfer window shut down, anything could happen!

Chelsea are in the market for a goalkeeper as they are uncertain of Real Madrid bound- Thibaut Courtois thus a favourable choice of Kepa Arizzabalaga is a done deal from Athletic Bilbao. Mateo Kovacic successfully pushed through a move from the los blancos to the blues on a loan deal. 

Aston Villa’s- Jack Grealish is trying to convince the billionaire boss to allow a move to Tottenham hotspurs. An earlier move from Tottenham of a 25 million pounds bid got rejected with the boss seeking a better deal of over 30 million pounds. As time ticks down, any late transfer deals could be effectively completed as we’ve witnessed in the past.

Until then, let the bees get busy,as buzzing progresses. Till later, good’day!

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