On Session; The Scrolls rolling across Europe

Ready, steady, go!

So we’re now live and back to the leagues we’ve all been anxiously waiting for. Stadii fresh, new-look jerseys, the cheers and jeers, what more could you ask for? A time to be more socially proactive, through the laughter and the dismays.

Yesterday was a day in its own perspective, today’s a new day. The league opener match for the English Premier League between Manchester United and Leicester at the Old Trafford, exhilarating, right? An early penalty awarded in favor of Manchester United saw them go ahead through a cool-headed captain for the day- Paul Pogba.

With the recent urge to win everything, having just won the World Cup a month ago, he did what anyone his state of pride could do. I won’t talk of Sanchez’ game last night since we all may have seen it all different and made usual or unusual reasons making him- Alexis in quite a predicament.

A game at a time, as all the managers would always quote in their press conferences is what all the clubs are being urged now by their coaching staffs. Tottenham are away playing Newcastle as I write and with an earlier lead in the first half, has placed them in a better position if the match doesn’t bear any other fruits on the hosting team having bagged a sole goal from Joselu- their striker!

Everything still possible at the 90th minute, as we saw yesterday’s goal from Jamie Vardy at the 92nd minute at stoppage time. At the same time we await for the Londoners with the new management to see their performance. They will be away to Huddersfield!

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