Unai’s Fixtures a mountain to climb

All having said and done, back to the drawing board and still a lot more needing more than just pep talk. I am so certain after talks, people act willingly to ensure the words had sunk in well enough! Talk of defense, but was that the real case? Well, maybe. Even so, if the defense was still full of previous happenings, why was the attack not sharp enough to keep the whole team up to par?

Unai has the answers. So the much awaited game of the weekend came, passed and has left many infuriated fans along as the season commences. The league holders doing a third consecutive on the Gunners, if you know what I mean. I personally won’t blame Unai Emery since this is an all new team, new league different style of play kind of place and he’ll definately need more than just inspiration.

With almost five captains in the field, there was lack of leadership and communication between players was the worst I’ve seen in the past recent years. And why? Even at their home ground they could not be cool headed and try dictate the match after the break. 

Mateo Guendouzi? I have no issue with the lad. Stats put it evidently he had the most touches- 72, most passes attempted-47 and most fouls won- 3… Where are the other players we’ve always heard of? Just unacceptable for a team with such caliber! Anyway, the game ended 0-2 courtesy of Raheem Sterling jawbreaker from outside the box leaving the defense and Peter Cech shocked. 

The second was even amusing, as a lose ball was collected by Bernado Silva inside the box, and his kick threw a lightning bolt into the home team’s net. Having picked three points, its now up to the Gunners to redeem themselves against their London rivals Chelsea in the coming weekend since its just the beginning and for sure fate is a bomber!

G’day lads!

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