Breaking News: Could This be True?

What haven’t we witnessed on matters soccer? All exhilarating goals, drama and send offs just to mention a few. Then the transfer market come in just at the perfect time when we are already  used to the players in their parent clubs or just at the peek of their career!? Fair play?

Anyway, Manchester United suffered the lose of Cristiano Ronaldo, now everyone can see what is happening at Real Madrid. Now to the topic of the day, Lionel Messi could also leave Barcelona on a free transfer based by a clause embedded within his contract as per Mundo Deportivo.

Lionel Messi at Barca. (Photo: Courtesy)

No club would want to lose such a figure, thus Barca could be preparing 
 to offer him a new deal next season, until 2022. Preventing him from moving and retiring at Camp nou could still be Messi’s choice as a
clause comes into effect in 2020 which would allow him to join a “non-elite” club on a free transfer, as Xavi and Andres Iniesta did, by moving to Qatar and Japan respectively.

Well, all we can do is anticipate as we spectate! 

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