Uphill task past Liverpool; Fitness; and game predictions

In the recent past, Jurgen Klopp’s side has always got the ball rolling past Arsenal only to leave a huge gap of confusion and infuriation on the gunners’ technical bench and the whole supporting commune at whole. As we may hope today might be different with the current squad and depth intact, we are already sure of an entertaining show from both teams.

Meanwhile as the entire soccer fraternity across the world still shocked and grieving Vichai’s- Leicester owner- demise, there is a huge void left unfilled that would only be made better with a classical weekend show of great football to pay tribute to a fallen-never to be forgotten-comrade. He instilled a pride of- ‘Anything is possible’ especially in soccer where soccer giants had dominated with the excuse of sufficient funds and better squad depth,

So as he will forever be in our minds, the big game later on tonight is also an appreciation to the lad. Well, on fitness cases and probability to play today, below is a previewed analysis on fitness and suspension:                        

Arsenal’s team news ahead of Liverpool clash. (Photo: Courtesy)

Liverpool have an upper arm ahead of the late kick-off against their rivals with not only fewer cases of injuries but also a proven hard nut to crack defensively as they have conceded just four goals in their last ten PL games. Meanwhile, their players missing in action tonight could be:                                  

Liverpool’s missing players ahead of Emirates clash. (Photo: Courtesy)

Game Prediction

Arsenal are winless in the last six premier league meetings with Liverpool (drawn 3, lost 3) despite being a goals galore showcase from both teams. The last five Premier league meetings between Arsenal and Liverpool have produced a total of 27 goals (5.4 per game). With the current depth in both teams, an over 2.5 and GG affair is an imminent prediction. 

I don’t know, but for me it’s very important that every day we continue improving things. But the most important thing, before I came here, this team, this club and these players had a lot of positive things and I want to share with him this capacity and this work in the past year. And then, give them my personal style and ideals also. But earning and doing things together with the past and in the present. Then, we want to write a new future here, to create a new future. But we are at the beginning but we need a lot of time more in the present and in the future but we think of each match. Tomorrow we have a chance to improve more things and to show every supporter our mentality, our ideas and our performance against a very big team. But thinking that we are in one process and this process is in our way because we can and we want to write a new history here. I want to do a big history.                                                                                                         -Unai Emery on Arsenal form

As players get into game mode, fanatics across the world are bracing themselves for not only a game of football but also an entertaining and wow moment. Can’t wait.

’till tomorrow!

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