Arsenal gunner big game mentality

Hello world, yet another great day we’ve been granted to conjure all obstacles at ease. As we unanimously agree on the adage, procrastination is a vice, thus to be on the safer side; Just do it as Nike suggests. Oh! By the way, did y’all realize the best game of the weekend was the game @emirates? I should know, right? Coz it definitely was anyway! Where Mo Salah and Sadio Mane can not thrive with the kind of defence the opposing team is pressing with, you should score more than enough goals to supplement need of any late chances you might get.

This goes to Arsenal f.c.- the team of my liking, the only London team I know exists, so by now you definitely know the kind of pride I have in this club. Adorn! Anyway, without any much further ado, with all the goals scored @second half, the game proved a bit tidy maybe a few mishaps on the first half. Mishaps that could have made the home team more comfortable of an early lead since they had really dominated the first half of the game.

Meanwhile, with Torreira’s game proving difficult for any short or long passes made by any team we’re playing against any team feeling the league is at a more complicated stage, the Arsenal will always be waiting for un momento. Well, and a lead is eminent. Don’t doubt my words! Liverpool went a goal up through a mishap from our most able goalie- Bernd Leno. Though being a great stop from the real threat that could have been, if the ball could have undoubtedly gone past Holding the cross definitely needed saving at blank point!

With Rob Holding’s recent form as Sokratis has been an absentee in the better part of the season, with just eleven games into the season, Opponents have been held as his name suggests, you don’t believe me? Take a look at five of our recently played matches’s every platform of the media. He’s done his job just perfectly with such a composure we could have never known if he hadn’t been given a lot more play time to prove his quality and worth to the club.

Especially, since that time we played Manchester city in the F.A cup with Arsene Wenger still at London, Colney grounds; Arsenal’s training grounds, Rob has made such a tremendous improvement in giving the opposing team’s attack a stressful heck of time thus curbing almost all the goal threats we may have expected. With Unai Emery turning every game more exciting than the previous games, most especially with the kind of substitutions he places proving even more effective with the game play he’s introduced at Arsenal. Well, the most improved player is as we all know- Alexandre Iwobi. 

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