Derby day, Homebound Gunners & as top four race gets tighter

Remember the story of the octopus, the tortoise and to make more emphasis, there was even a golden goose! The tales of how these creatures could help gamblers, fanatics and all soccer lovers decide on which was the team with the upper hand. As for the golden goose, she always laid golden eggs but someone somewhere could have it so he slaughtered the poor soul. 

The premier league just twelve games into the season, right before the international break, has seen better days. With the headache still the same culprits- last season’s defending champions, Manchester City are proving a hard nut to crack. Lo, whom are playing tonight? I can crystal clear say: I like the change in game for Mou’s side. Judging by how Jose’s pep talk at halftime in last season’s ecstatic 3-2 comeback to grab all three points, I wouldn’t be surprised by a repeat of the same to end their ongoing winning streak. Anyway, Pep’s gotta watch out!

The gunners under Emery have been under duress to make a clear showcase of their masterpiece and as we all know it has been an uphill task. The nearly ending week has been a marathon with the lads homebound in all their fixtures including tonight’s game against Wolverhampton. A big blow for Arsenal in their midweek fixture against Sporting CP saw their Europa talisman- Danny Welbeck stretched off before the halftime break with a gruesome leg injury.

As top four has proved not a particular team’s position by how static it has been, competition is indeed immensely intense. With Chelsea running riots in the league, currently at position three, with their previous seasons being this easy with every new coach appointed, their season has only began. They play Everton at home and that would be a straight win for the Blues.

My pick:

Arsenal win against Wolverhampton though being a tough game for sure; Manchester derby is a sure GG as derbies always prove to be; Chelsea win at home against Everton; Liverpool try to regain winning ways at home against Fulham.

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