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All or Nothing: Transfers


With the transfer window officially open, the European market’s big boys have commenced the etchin’ and flexxin’ of their teams. One thing’s for sure, the gunners always taking it slow and all- a mechanism that rarely works, with a rather slightest chance of satisfying all sectors of the pitch. Don’t get this wrong, judging by the previous summer window, with the outs and ins, the young gunners started off slow only to surprise a whole lot of fans as they picked up quick only to flap their wings close to the sun. The dream for top four lasted long enough and with the young guns stumbling over the finish line only to settle for a European position they had craved for.

Celebrations after scoring at Emirates. [Courtesy: Twitter- LeagueScroll]

Now headed into the 2022-23 season, the young guns should be busy sorting out contracts and incorporate some of their loanees into the squad if their services are need. However, business been slow compared to their noisy rivals. The likes of City and Liverpool have done it again. With just a point being the difference between the winner and runner-up in the just ended season, they have already hungrily pounced on the best of forwards in Europe ready to add more sauce to the already tough league.

Arteta’s men will be extra challenged with the Europa league now in their yard. Hard to say, but with the congestion of fixtures in the league, they will not only need additions to their squad but also quality and mentally strong squad players who will prevail through the good and bad days on the pitch.

New Gunner- Marquinhos. [Courtesy: Twitter-LeagueScroll]

With the slight glimmer of hope having already acquired the services of Marquinhos- Sao Paolo’s bright star, the fans will be edged on their seats, notifications on and constantly refreshing feeds for another new signing or departure. Whichever comes first.

Crucial weeks ahead with the likes of Youri Tielemans, Gabriel Jesus among others most likely ending up at the Emirates. We’ll sit back and enjoy as the dramas unravel. Not forgetting, this is a world cup year.